CA19-9 and pancreatic cancer

A new pancreatic cancer research paper came out from the Tuveson lab in the journal Science, titled by "The glycan CA19-9 promotes pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer in mice". We are proud that Eun, our Assistant Specialist co-authored this paper while she was in the Tuveson lab. Congrats!


Hwang lab featured in news letter

Discovering Curiosity: Building Mini-Organs to Fight Pancreatic Cancer with New Faculty Chang-il Hwang  On the hunt for methods to aid early detection and better therapeutic treatments, Assistant Professor Chang-il Hwang developed pancreatic cancer organoids, miniature organ models that allow him to study pancreatic cancer from its earliest stages. David Slipher/UC Davis March 21, 2019 … Continue reading Hwang lab featured in news letter